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Kareem Abdul Jabar & Bill Walton 

Awesome art
Dawning of a new day.

As Team USA goes for gold today, it’s only fitting to throw a nod to a couple of original Dream Teamer’s and two of the greatest of all time.
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This is the biggest day in sixer land in a long time

The most Bad Ass Bounty Hunter, Ever.

Bill Walton
I can’t find the source image on the interwebs anymore. If/when I do, I will link it. If you find it, please let me know.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson joke around during pregame warmups before a 1988 Celtics-Lakers game at Boston Garden. (Steve Lipofsky/Corbis)
GALLERY: Larry Bird and Magic Johnson | Iconic Celtics | Iconic Lakers

(Source: artofthewire)